Diddy Done it?

I dont know how I really feel about Diddy (Sean Combs) parlaying his business saavy into a CMO campaign. I understand that he is a brilliant marketer when it comes to his clothing line, fragrances, and of course, music. But, now that Diddy’s taken on marketing for Ciroc vodka, one of the ways he’ll intend to bring fame to this brand is mentions in hip hop songs. What up wit dat?

If youre an artist, have some credibility. Dont be the first to step up to push liquor commercials in your art – or the art of others you manage. Its one thing for mentions to appear in music because they are a common part of the culture, but for you to specifically lace your hip hop with promotional drops of names is by far the biggest marketing travesty I’ve heard of in a long time.

But then again, I guess you have to get while the gettin’s good.

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