You’re a marketer, I’m a marketer, but are we all marketers?

I often find that people confuse marketing with sales. Or that people just dont get marketing. Lets start with what marketing is not:

1. Marketing is not the tshirt, pens, pencils, backpacks, and other free swag I can give away department.

2. Marketing is not the logo police.

3. Marketing isnt including your marketing department at the final hour to proof read, set up logistics, or carry out your plan.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – what IS marketing?

1. Marketing is a conversation between your organization and the people that it SERVES. Thats right…serves.

2. Marketing is solving a problem, not your’s, but your CLIENT’s.

3. Marketing is integration of all program components and strategies. This means from the get go, even if you think your MD doesnt have content knowledge. Believe me, they do.

Beyond this, you may work with people who may be in the marketing department, or have been marketers their whole lives but who do not subscribe to the same marketing ideals as you. Some may think its primarily PR, or sales, or advertising. You need to determine what marketing is to YOU as a marketer and stay true to this – even if it means ruffling a few feathers now and again.

Marketing to me is researching your audience’s problem, creating an innovative answer to this problem, and communicating with them to help them achieve this new answer with you. It is not serving it to them and walking away, nor is it giving it to them because you and 2 other people thought it was what was needed. Its a give an take. Its trial and error. But most of all its a challenge and a love.

If you dont think this way, get out while you can.

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