Are We Really All On Board With Social Bookmarking?

I recently attended a national summit for College Planning Centers to discuss ways in which they could incorporate new media into their strategies. As questions rose regarding using social bookmarking sites (Delicious, Digg, Technorati, etc.) I began to get uneasy. How will the college access arena rally around this new technology if they cannot agree on terms to tag?

While I may be doing a great job tagging articles ‘education’ and ‘college access’ and ‘financial aid’, others may be doing something different. It was brought up that much more education is needed regarding new and social media in this industry to enable us to really harness the power that social bookmarking offers. Add to this, that much content of interest to college access practitioners does not allow users to socially bookmark it.

I will be working on definitions of prevalent new media and its uses for college access organizations as well as pitching groups of key words for their use. Also, if people aren’t sharing their bookmarks or funnelling them into one shared site, then much of our collective efforts could be wasted. If you would like more information, to be involved or have ideas, please email me at

More to come…

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