And I’m Back…

Yes. Yes, it’s been a while. I know I’ve added the kiss of death to my own blog by abandoning it for a bit. But now, I’m back, and hopefully, better than ever.

Many people confuse ‘Social Marketing’ with ‘Social Media’ and I’ve heard many complaints about the mix up. I’ve also heard many health marketers cry evil when anyone else commandeers the term ‘social marketing’.

These days, all marketing, excuse me, all GOOD marketing, IS social marketing in a sense. Don’t get me wrong, not all product marketing is for the good of the consumer, it is still about turning a profit. But, shouldn’t all marketing take into account the wants, needs, desires and attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of consumers?

I think its funny that many corporate jobs turn down us nonprofit – social – marketers because we lack profitable or corporate experiences. Shouldn’t we be the most sought after candidates? What with our deep background in analyzing client perspectives, needs and barriers to accepting new behaviors?

As corporate America struggles with how to connect with new, and keep existing, customers, they are also suffering by not adding nonprofit talent to their roster. These are the people who have extreme drive, potential and unique communication problem solving experience. Working within the confines of a constrained budget – if there is one at all – and having to tie back all expenses to outcomes, wouldn’t you think these would be the most sought after hard working people in the industry today?

If so, hit me up. I’m currently seeking to help you out.

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One thought on “And I’m Back…

  1. You are right that all marketing has a social element and that more companies should embrace that.

    But I will also tell you that as someone who has helped to start both for-profit companies (like and a non-profit organization (like that in general (there are many exceptions, probably you) the folks working at nonprofits are nice people who generally are lacking in terms of their use of technology and also frankly their career drive.

    Do not take this as a smack against nonprofit folks! I respect them a ton and wish I was at a place in my life where I could take the pay cut and do more to help the world. I have spent countless hours volunteering and starting a nonprofit without any pay at all. And, there is a huge trend in nonprofit towards more measurement and accountability, and that is making the people better over time. Plus, some of the best nonprofits are leaders in the field of inbound marketing and social media, because as you say – they have to be.

    But, I guess I am saying that there are enough nonprofit people out there who could not adjust to the corporate world that it might be having an effect on your conversations.

    If you are serious about working in the for-profit sector, connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and let’s chat! We’re hiring!

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