What if…

What if your boss told you it like it is? How about if your opinion was rewarded internally? It always makes me angry to see good talent wasted in small non-profits just to keep the status quo. For every employee who thinks they are in charge and has no real clue, there are those who know they are not in charge and have big ideas and the drive to carry them out. Problem is: are you keeping them around or are they carrying them out elsewhere?

Many times younger employees are stifling their passion or special skill sets because they are not shown that they are wanted. For those of us who are passionate and driven, many internal proposals are written. They may not start off as the most popular ideas, but the more they float to the top – literally – in the organization, the more experience and clout you may be building for yourself and your skills.

Just because you are the low man on the totem pole does not mean you should hide your light under a basket. Shine on. It can only help you grow personally. That’s what jobs should be all about.

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One thought on “What if…

  1. Just read Strategic Intuition by William Duggan. This book speaks to this idea and I highly recommend it for further reading.

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