Reason #148 Why Trent Reznor is God, or How the Music Industry Can Revive

Notice, I did not give an end number to the ways in which Trent rules or use the word ‘Survive’. In order for the music industry to stay relevant, it needs to morph. And morph fast.

I recently received an email from NIN letting me know that their previously free release via the web ‘The Slip’will be available not only in special CD format but in vinyl. This following the same stint done by Radiohead with ‘In Rainbows’. (Which, FYI, is no longer available for free DL.) NIN also did this with Ghosts – a series of instrumental Trent specialties.

With The Slip, Trent even went so far as to ask people to remix and share it through any means possible, and it is even licensed under creative commons. This type of open use is what music should be all about. It not only builds NIN’s cred, but it allows users to interact with the music, make it their own, and take part in the creative process. We’ve also witnessed that recently with McDonalds asking people to submit their own version of their Big Mac jingle.

What if everyone exercised this type of interactivity with their products? What a great way to identify and celebrate brand loyalty and highlight new talent. Not to mention the PR.

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