Creativity II

I loved The Dark Knight. I made sure to see it opening weekend so that no one spoiled it for me. I also wanted to be sure it blew away Spider Man 2’s reigning box office record (which, it did). With several sequel’s coming out of our favorite movies, along with remakes of old classics, it begs the question: is there any real creativity out there anymore?

Yes. It does take a lot of talent to recreate the Joker post Jack Nicholson’s performance, but Heath did it. And did it very well. But, how many Spidermans/Indiana Jones’ does  it take for the crowd to say enough all ready?

I loved the original Hairspray, and the sequel wasn’t too shabby either. But now, there’s talk of a sequel. Add to this MTV’s remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show– really?! MTV?! The same MTV that’s changed from being anti-everything to all inclusive materialistic sellouts?

Its days like this when you really appreciate a new idea. What’s yours?

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