Ok. Here it goes.

I’ve never been political. I just never had the time to read about someone’s voting record, their background, and anything negative Google could find for me. But, due to all the hype surrounding Barack’s speech at the DNC the other night, and because nothing else was on, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.


Let’s just say this hard candy coated girl broke down crying like a kid in a candy store who’s just been refused some Fun Dip. The video preceding the speech was perfect: it broke down the stereotypes and anti-speak that make most mope towards McCain. The family history piece was priceless. The Kennedy/King additions were monumental.

Moving into the speech, I was spellbound. I kept thinking ‘maybe I’m just pretending to care’, but I kept getting sucked back in. After thinking about it last night and today I’ve finally found out what it is: transparency and ease of conversation. I understood the issues. I wasn’t made promises. I felt like I was hearing what it must have sounded like pre 1964 in American politics.

You see – if you don’t know me – I have a JFK obsession. I never explain this, but what it is happens to be a combination of my love of television (and JFK using pictures and TV to his benefit better than any other president in our history) and my old school WW2 era patriotism (read: non egotistical, hard working, American idealism). I believe that this country hasn’t been on the same track it jumped since Kennedy was shot. And how could it be? Who would believe in a government that allowed that to happen. On US soil? In front of people? Live? Since then, everythings been a sham.

I see this as pulling the wool off of American eyes, this Obama idealism. People may call him a messiah. They may call him the anti-Christ. Hell, they may call me a fool, a follower. But, I can tell you what, from someone who’s only voted one time in her 30 years, he’s engaged me. I’ve sat up and taken notice. I research candidates. I wonder if my America could be what it was for my immigrant and non-immigrant grand parents. Shouldn’t that be what matters?

All this, primarily, because he communicates well. Jargonless. Transparant. Believable. Truthful. This is what government truely needs – no matter which party it comes from.

That’s also effective marketing. Who knew?

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