Millennial This.

Ugh. I’m soooooo sick of hearing about the Millennial. Are we done with this yet? Has it passed? Do we have to wait for the next generation to finally stop being lazy and over typecasting these kids?

I dont know why its been everywhere lately, from the business angle to the college angle. But I’m happy that someone is coming out against it.

It seems like we’re seeing more and more of both. Which may sound bad, but the rise of the anti is actually very welcome. How can we consider an entire generation of students across the globe as extremely well versed in everything digital?  Sure they have the option, ones we never dreamed of and probably dont take advantage of. But, for many of them, they dont take the place of real communication: they only facilitate more of it.

I was recently converted to the anti movement when I asked a bunch of college students if they knew what Twitter was and most of them did not. Only 1 or 2 used it. On the flipside, think of how they use Facebook or other social networking sites: many times, they do not distinguish between what they read on Facebook, and what they are told directly. In conversations, they (and other digital natives), use the information to facilitate conversations in real life as if there is no divide or difference in how they learned what they know. These communication tools serve to provide them with a tether that usual means of contact have not allowed so that they are free to be more involved in each others lives. I say this, because I know its how some of us – non-millennials – live.

We need to remember what good marketing is. Its not the next best thing. Its the original thing: one on one communication. Web 2.0 can be used for this, but a generational blanket does nothing but leave out those who need contact and communication the most.

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