Wake Up, People.

Your website is not for you. There. I said it.

Just because you and your company understand what you are saying and are proud of your divisional brands doesn’t mean that it means squat to a consumer. They came to get information, not your selfish badge of honor.

I know that this isn’t new news but websites should be designed with the audience in mind, not your co-workers or your boss or your tech team or possibly even you. What you understand and like is most likely not what the audience likes. Get over yourself.

Don’tjust organize your website as your business is organized. Think from the consumer’s perspective. Make this an opportunity to tell the story of your brand instead of make public your internal coding. Use this chance to organize your brand in a way that makes sense. Allow consumers to react and engage with each other, not just you. Provide customization and areas for feedback. See what others are doing and out do them. Make it happen, don’t just talk about it. Don’t get caught up in red tape – keep pushing.

These are not ‘what ifs’ but quickly becoming standard. If you aren’t doing it, someone else is. Don’t wait to do it until its already been done. Don’t be that guy.

Because, lets face it, who wants to be associated with ‘That Guy’?


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