Seriously? Interoffice Envelopes? Seriously?

So…I’m still new at my job, and recently I’ve accumulated 10-15 interoffice envelopes. You know. The kind used to transfer classified documents about you when you were in elementary school in the 90’s? I just left them there because I don’t know what to do with them – I’ve NEVER known what to do with them. They are like an anachronistic carrier pigeonesque form of communication. Why are we still using them to send meeting agenda’s, memo’s and such?

Another way that the Internet – or *gasp*, intranet – would alleviate not only paper use, time wasted, and bureaucracy, but also speed up response and importance of information you want me to see.

Hmmmm. Why haven’t we done this? Why don’t we have an intranet? Or a Wiki? Or interoffice IM?

I guess thats why I’m here.


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