Top Ten Random Take Aways from Statmats 08…

Since many people have already so eloquently captured the Statmats Integrated Marketing Conference so well via Twitter, Live Blogging and Post Blogging, I thought I’d offer my random odds and ends:


10. Social Media News Release – courtesy of Matt Herzberger.

9. Alexa/Website grader – courtesy of Kyle James

8. Whitney Hoffman Blog – great work for a great cause.

7. Marketing today ROI calculator courtesy of Karlyn Morrisette.

6. Todd Defren on Twitter – excellent one to follow in Boston, and beyond.

5. Chris Brogan Tagged Case Studies on Delicious – great for building internal buy in.

4. Groundswell – get it off your desk by reading it!

3. Here comes everybody – digital networking theories, successes, and failures.

2. Wisdom of Crowds – simple idea, large implications.

1. Fast Company site – courtesy of Chris Brogan, excellent use of social media for a print offering.


More to come on take aways and philosophical ideas.


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