Under Burress: Three Ways to Not Pull a Plaxico.

PlaxicoBy now, unless you were under a rock this weekend, you’ve heard about Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants accidentally shooting himself. As an avid NYG fan, this is not shocking news, but got me thinking about all of the incidents and absurdities we’ve had to deal with involving Burress. For all his work and salary, he’s becoming more of a problem and less of a priority. Sound like your marketing efforts? Read on to find out how not to pull a Plaxico.

1. Holster (and put a safety on) your weapon: What is your organization using to keep you safe? Is it the same old, same old mentality and way of doing things? Is it safe guarding your web presences by stopping open conversations before they happen? Limiting transparency by not allowing comments on a blog/media/web site? Maybe what you think is keeping you safe, is really detrimental to your success and safety as a presence in your sphere. In the end, doing these things will make you look foolish, not cool.

2. Can the ego: Think that your offerings and brand dont need consumer input? Think again. By consistently shutting out external feedback you are basically telling current and future customers that what they think and want do not matter. You know them better than they know themselves and you’ll tell them what they want and when. Without two way communication, via social media or other give and take, you lose potential ideas and creativity that may offer insights to an audience that you’ve neglected. Make sure you have a vehichle for comments and interaction with your key consumer base.

3. Understand – you ARE replaceable, and possibly, unnecessary: You may think that what you have to offer is better than anyone else, but you are wrong. There is always someone else offering something – if not identical – very similar to yours. Without consumer connection with your brand, and community, you risk them feeling no connection to you and seeking solace elsewhere. In this tight economy, consumers may also find reasons that they can cut their costs by not consuming your product or service making you expendable. It is crucial to build rapport with consumers, not only to keep them as customers, but to continue to update your offerings through customer feedback and need analysis.

Image courtesey of Ted Kerwin.


2 thoughts on “Under Burress: Three Ways to Not Pull a Plaxico.

  1. Millions of dollars and you carry your own gun…in your waistband?!? we are of similar minds…read my burress rant here guerillamindfare.wordpress.com

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