Secret Millionaire: Aren’t We All?

04_28_36-pile-of-money_web1OK. I’ll admit it. I was excited about the premiere of Fox’s new reality series ‘Secret Millionaire’. For those of you who have a million and one better things to do, I’ll fill you in: a few Millionaires willingly give up their status to go undercover to live in poverty. They meet other people and at the end reveal that they really aren’t who they say they are, and they give a deserving person $100,000 of their own money.

I’m a sucker for reveal shows, and as I sit here watching this, I realize, ‘arent we all capable of doing something similar’?

What do you have, a skill, a talent, a connection, or some other item in your life that you might take for granted? Something that’s a part of who you are, be it a group of friends, good business connections, or a higher than usual knowledge of social media?

What if we all noticed a little more those around us who we could benefit with things that are commonplace in our lives? How much would it mean to someone else to provide them something that we have and can stand to share?

In this economy and holiday season, take a closer look around and consider reaching out and giving back something. You’d be amazed how much it is appreciated, and what it could blossom into.


4 thoughts on “Secret Millionaire: Aren’t We All?

  1. I sort of had mixed feelings when I saw the promo. The Mr. Brightside in me thought: “What a charming and uplifting concept!” The cynic in me thought: “Looks like an attempt at promoting benevolent paternalism … look at these rich people helping those poor people, aren’t rich people great?” I think the latter comes from having a grad degree in history, but I digress.

    Very much agree with your closing grafs. I’m all about giving back, writing news releases for not-for-profits, serving as faculty mentor for the women’s hockey team, helping out any students who need assistance, etc. But hey … we Upstaters were raised well.

  2. Heard Fox is going to rename the show: “Wow, I didn’t realize I was such a douchebag”

    Me and the wife watched the first one (tan guy and his guitar playing kid), found it ironic he makes his money off of foreclosures, then gives a 25K check to a lady that had her home taken away.

    Thanks to this blog post, and your take on things… I think I’ll help the neighbors film youtube “Merry Christmas” vids to share w/ friends and family that live far away… hey, it’s a start. :)

  3. Yeah – the second family was very annoying and you could tell they felt like the hand of god. The first two seemed better to me. At least they realized they were douchebags…

    I agree – its the little things that go a long way. And hey, they bring you greater street cred too so why not?

  4. It is about time people with more money than God give some of it to people who need it. I think rich rappers and selfish rich
    black athletes like Allen iverson, and Kevin Garnett should be
    handing out some money to anyone that writes them and shows a need. Warren Buffet should do the same. Hell he has 50 billion, Stop giving money to build foundations that do nothing but pie in the sky arcaic diatribal mumbo jumbo. Give
    money to some people so thy can pay cash fopr a home, and tpay off tax debt and all other types of debt.Oprah to, chick is worth a bill or two, stop giving it all to Gale. I need a couple
    thousand and so do lots od othr folks. BE NICE AN GIVE CASH

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