Birthday Marketing: Four Marketing Ways I’ve Been Wished a Happy Birthday

With my birthday pending this week, I began to think about the offers that one usually gets on this day. Below are a quibd17ck four that I notice, and usually, look forward to.

1. Free Dinners!: Some local restaurants (and some chains I believe) say ‘Happy Birthday to you’ via a bevy of different offers. Some have buy one get one free. Some provide you with a free dessert or appie. The more generous ones give you a no hassle free meal. One of my most memorable birthdays ended up being an impromptu dinner (after the restaurant that we drove 3 hours in a snow storm was no longer there!) that was unexpectedly also, free. Cant beat that!

2. % off Birthday Coupons: Although not as snazzy as a free meal, % off coupons also are very popular for your bday. Most arrive via mail or email and can be redeemed for at least a month. I tend to not really enjoy these as they replicate the % off offers usually extended to get you to shop. What’s special about that?

3. Free Cosmetic Samples: Oh Sephora. Who doesnt love you? I’ve just received my emailed offer of a free lip gloss trio redeemable now! Not only does this make me love you more, it also gives me a chance to sample something I may not have originally purchased. I’m big on trials for building purchases…

4. $ amount off: You know how does this a lot? The Limited Brand Companies. I always receive these for Express, Limited and of course, Victoria’s Secret. Usually, they are $10 off or with Vickies, a free panty – no purchase necessary. These are also pretty good, although I’ve outgrown my feelings for The Limited Companies.

Which ways have you encountered a retail birthday wish? Which were pros and which were cons? Any suggestions?

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