No More One Offs: Power in Integrated Content

crowdI see it more and more as I’m involved at deeper and deeper levels of the University: competing efforts or those that stand alone and have little to stand on at that. Whats the point of having multiple one-off initiatives, both on and off line, if they arent integrated and feeding off one another?

I know at first in these fiefdoms that the thought of integrating efforts may be misconstrued as ‘taking’ ones content area. But really, integrating content and events across the university is the only way to really be seen as one brand – and to provide appropriate traffic to all efforts. This solidifies what you are the the internal and external community. Without it, you risk appearing haphazard or confused. With it, you provide deeper reach to topics or events that many may not take the time to uncover.

Imagine the power of those who do it well: integrating all efforts and putting forth one great face to the world. Who does this well in your opinion? Who’s thinking of new ways to do this?

Photo Courtesy of: TwOsE

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One thought on “No More One Offs: Power in Integrated Content

  1. And with the many new ways to push, pull and syndicate content, aggregating, repackaging and repurposing features are easier than ever. If people will just peek out of their silos and let go of their greedy me-first mentalities. Why is it so hard to get people to believe they’re all working toward the same goal of promoting one college?

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