Facebook’ers: Quit’cher Bitchin.

Ah, and here we are again: people complaining about how Facebook has changed its layout yet again. Think about it: did you end your account last time? No. You probably used it more.

As for the suggestion that FB wants to be the ‘new’ Twitter, its impossible. People who Twitter do not equal those who FB. Even though to some they seem interchangeable, they are in no way such.

Yes, I agree, the new home page for your FB account does seem a bit Twitter-esque but at the same time is a baby step towards Twitter for those who are social media newbies. Maybe it will facilitate more people understanding Twitter, but wont take the place of.

Not sure about you, but I enjoy Twitter for its compactness. Its simplicity. Its sole purpose. I dont have to follow all convo’s if I dont want to. I am not inundated with apps and chain letters. If you do something rivaling that, I simply unfollow you. Case closed.

Twitter for me is immediate. Its taken the place of blogging, FB’ing – except for keeping up with people who do not Twitter -, and reading my RSS feeds. I get everything in one quick stop. I find new people more easily. I respond much quicker.

Has the new FB affected you? Do you think it rivals Twitter in any way?

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2 thoughts on “Facebook’ers: Quit’cher Bitchin.

  1. Ah … well said. Is there an ‘I Like’ button I can check? Can I put this on my Feed between the quiz for Which Pakistani Cricket Star I Resemble and the tag for Explain My Life Using The Names Of Milli Vannilli Songs?

    The new features are an inconvenience, but there are bigger problems in the world. As I mentioned over at my blog (shameless self-plug), the feed could be fixed by giving users control over which feeds we receive, which we sort of had before the previous two updates. Plus I think you’ve explained the appeal of Twitter more simply and elegantly than I ever have. Bravo!

  2. I very much agree. I found your post while thinking about writing my own post on the topic. You get a real sense of the sloth in America when you read the feedback forums on facebook for their new layout. You can’t go more than two posts without seeing “I hate change!” Really? You’re on the internet and you hate change? The internet is a fluid, dynamic interface…it’s always changing. Remember AOL? Remember the first websites places like CNN and Disney had? How static they were? How finite their capability was? Things change. Grr. Thanks for letting me rant. Twitter is awesome. not only can you keep up with people, but you can still hold your arms out and not see all of them if you don’t want to.

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