Why I Caved on the iPhone.

imagesYes. Yes. Its not a vicious rumor. I, Miss iphone-is-the-devil, will receive my own iPhone today. Here’s the thing:

My contract with Cingular was up in August. I had originally planned on purchasing another BlackBerry, upgrading from my old 8700c. After months of research, I had settled on a Curve 8320, with its Wi-Fi capabilities and sleeker look.

Then I started to waver. Perhaps I really could afford the BlackBerry Bold. Why not make the leap for the 3G, even though, I’m still unsure if I really need it. Will I really watch videos on my phone? I barely watch videos on the computer. Hmmm…

I decided to let it come down to price. As part of extending my contract, the Curve would have been $249 upfront with a mail in rebate for $100. Who actually puts that $100 back on their credit card? Not I. I decided not to chance it.

The Bold was a refurb and $199 with a contract extension. Being unsure about the size (its a bit larger than my current BB and the Curve I was considering) and what I’d be paying for (basically 3G and video) and my uncertainty for my need of such, I didn’t purchase anything for a long time.

Then, I decided to look at phones outside of my Blackberry preference that could still do what I needed. I was very surprised that the iPhone was only $99 (refurb, 8G) and that the data plan would cost the same as my Blackberry service.

Why was I so anti again? Oh yeah, the keyboard and the prevalence. I tried a co-worker’s iPod touch and decided that as more and more technology goes the way of the touch screen, I do myself a disservice by not learning how to use it.

What do I use my BB for anyway? Twitter, Facebook, Email, Texting, Scheduling, Surfing and sometimes, calling. I realized that with the amount of surfing I do on a daily basis the ease of the iPhone coupled with the 3G technology would be a huge benefit to me. The iPhone seemed to fit all of my needs at a lower price point.

I wouldn’t use the iPhone for music as I prefer that to be separate. But for all other purposes it would work just fine and is a fun toy. Did I need a ‘non-toy’ BB? Not really. Did I hold out more so for the lemming factor? Yes. Am I scared of the keyboard slowing down my quick Twitter wit? Definitely. Is all of this worth sacrificing a 3G connection and the chance to learn something new?


iPhone users, were you an immediate ‘go’ on your phone or did you need to be convinced? Hold outs, how long was your lag time in getting into the touch screen?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Caved on the iPhone.

  1. I bought my iPhone the week after they were released and haven’t regretted it for a minute. I don’t use it for email for a slew of reasons (I get too much email and too many attachments to make it work well for me and I’m too impatient to wait for slow uploads/downloads). I do use it for a lot of other stuff, though, and really appreciate the fact that it’s one device that does so much stuff, including music and video that I can watch in a coach seat where I can’t open my laptop….

  2. Obviously, I’m one of those annoying people who kept suggesting this to you. I started with the iTouch, which is everything but the phone/3G Internet connection (albeit good in WiFi zones), so had that as my gateway drug. It was my first media-rich device, as my previous cell was old and just had text-message capability (and I am the world’s slowest texter). When that phone died, my brother (10x the Machead I am) convinced me to make the upgrade. And while the keyboard is still slower than a full-size, I haven’t regretted it. Besides, sometimes my alleged quick wit gets me in trouble, so a keyboard that lets me think/consider more is probably a good thing.

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