Toltec Wisdom Meets Social Media

nativeamericangame1In my own spiritual journey, I’ve found that Native American and other tribal followings are most meaningful to me. One reading that helped me think about being ‘present in the moment’ was don Migel Ruiz’s ‘The Four Agreements’.

The Four Agreements mimic what to me are great tenets to live by, not only in daily life but also in social media strategy.

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word: this to me means using social media for what it was intended. To connect with others and be yourself at all times. Not to push or market, but to engage and be of service. Provide what is truthful about your brand/service and allow for transparency in your interactions.

2. Dont Take Anything Personally: There will always be those people who like to be negative and to be heard. Reactions to this may cause more issue than good. By allowing for disagreements or dissatisfaction in your social media efforts, you not only strengthen the authenticity of your offering, but you give space to reality – not everyone will be sunshine and lollipops over you all the time. Why suffer any worry about things you cannot change? Know the difference between disgruntlement and general peeves that you can affect in your brand. Use this to learn, not to stifle.

3. Dont Make Assumptions: This may be one of the biggest lessons. Many assume social media is the answer to their larger problem (customers, yield, etc.) but may not think of the smaller communication issues or problems with service. Social media may not be the answer to your problem, particularly if you cannot pinpoint the exact issue. You can also not assume that the medium will be fully used in the way you intended. This is something to learn from and use to make communication and products better. Provide for your audience, dont make them fit into your mold of what ‘should’ be.

4. Always Do Your Best: How many social media efforts have been left to perish because providing ‘the best’ was not in the plan? Social media cannot live on their own. They need to be fed and publicized, updated and possibly rewarded. Starting without a plan is not doing your best, it is simply ‘doing’. Be sure that what you plan to offer is continually your best if you expect to see any positive returns. Remember that what you put out there will be out there for good in the minds of those who are engaged. No matter how few. By doing your best you ensure the few that partake are provided the real brand experience and not a test.

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2 thoughts on “Toltec Wisdom Meets Social Media

  1. Terrific words of wisdom — for life, for social media, for communication and marketing in general. Much of that “four agreements” worldview connects with Zen and even Judeo-Christian teachings. Unfortunately, some of the Judeo-Christian teachings have gotten mucked up over the years — but that’s a blog post for another day, and probably another sort of blog altogether. Or maybe a twitter conversation. ;)

  2. Cool! Especially happy to see #1. I see people all over Twitter promoting themselves incessantly, RTing every bit of praise they get and even I start to wonder if I’m just weird for not being a serial horn-self-tooter. But you’re right: While there is promotional value to any social media, it’s the conversations and customer service (imho) that really count. Refreshing view.

    As to #4, I see so many people abandon their social media efforts too soon. As if they expect thousands of fans the first week. Like anything else, these things take time: Not just learning the language, culture and navigation but building the relationships.

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