Are you Truly Linkedin?

linkedin4I dont think I am. I mean, I have about 300 connections. My resume is live, updated and downloadable. I update my status and add a badge to my blog, etc. I’m a member of several groups and interact here and there on the forums. But somehow, I feel that there is a greater potential to the medium that eludes me.

Perhaps it’s all in the investment of time: most of my social media time is spent in Twitter and Facebook – where many of my ‘connections’ also are. Linkedin is usually the last thing on my list, that is, until it counts: job searching. But like everything else, I fear that leaving Linkedin to fend for itself until I  need it may be a greatly squandered opportunity.

Conversely, in my work, I’m not sure how the university is using Linkedin or how to really push it beyond the obvious alumni connections – which most schools do pretty well outside of this service. Since a lot of these type of connections really matter more in person – or for us social networkers, in content sharing services – how much of Linkedin can we build upon both opportunistically and as a practitioner?

I’m thinking of doing something monthly, such as reaching out via a connection for an introduction to someone else in the field I’m pursuing. Maybe asking someone for another recommendation. I’d like to be more active in the forums.

How do you use Linkedin? Do you let it live on its own till you need it or do you integrate it into your life just like your other top social media activities?

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One thought on “Are you Truly Linkedin?

  1. “Monthly” actually describes about how often I visit LinkedIn. And that’s mainly because the requests for connection build up and I’m kinda obsessive/compulsive about clutter. I’ll be the first to admit that it works a lot better for people looking to a) change jobs or b) find freelance opportunities or c) prospect leads (esp. college development types). Since those don’t describe me, I’m not particularly interested in LinkedIn Nation.

    That said, our college does have a presence with both an overall alumni group and a Graduates of the Last Decade group. I’ve been surprised to have students friend, er, follow, er, whatever me in LinkedIn, but those seem to be the ones putting together materials and connections for after they graduate. Our college also has a Harris Connect-driven community which probably sees more action.

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