Facebook Lite: Should We Care?

Plastic_tape_measureI recently read an article in Ad Age regarding how brands will be lost in Facebook Lite.  After a quick spin via Facebook lite last week, I found my reaction to be ‘so what?’.

Per Twitter convos, I’d also consider the Lite version to be not only useful for those on a slow connection, but for people who are sick of the constant interruptions. Chat, apps and pages that may otherwise clutter up your home feed – its a streamlined version with easy access to people and news rather than toys and brands. Initial results seem to be a slow adoption, probably of curious Twitter users checking out the hype.

It seems odd that the Lite version is lacking in brand presences for businesses when Facebook is trying to feign Twitter like functionality for businesses to reach consumers. Although they’ve introduced new functionality, it seems those who chose to use Facebook Lite wont be able to interact with brands as easily. Considering that more serious social media users may chose the pared down version of Facebook to avoid extraneous posts, it seems that early adopter types may be the ones that are being missed by businesses who could lose the opportunity to interact in ‘Lite’.

Facebook also finally sees Twitter as a legitimate threat, but, does Facebook Lite make sense if the audiences and reasons for use are different? Those that enjoy multiple applications and quiz results most likely are not Twitter users who enjoy the more pared down communication that Twitter provides. For the Twitterati, Facebook seems to be a place to hold pictures and video, interact with those who are not Twitter users, and to feed Twitter updates and information to.

Could Twitter replace Facebook? In my opinion, no. Could the opposite be true? Absolutely not.



One thought on “Facebook Lite: Should We Care?

  1. I don’t think that one will replace the other either. As you said, I use them for two totally different purposes. Twitter is a little less personal, and I connect with people from all over the world and for a variety of different reasons. On Facebook I only connect with people that I know and trust; and subsequently only connect with the companies and organizations that I trust.

    Facebook Lite I think misses the boat, and is trying to be too Twitter-like. One of the things that I like about Facebook is the fact that I can see what my friends are doing, what games they are playing and what causes that they support; Facebook Lite does not offer this functionality. I do have friends that would love this sort of stripped down functionality, but it is not for me.

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