On Losing Your Passion

Well its bound to happen: you wake up one day and just dont give a damn anymore. It may be more subtle than that: you’re sitting at work and decide you just dont need to go that extra step anymore.

Some say that complacency isnt all that bad because, hey, at least you have a job and are getting paid, right? But shouldnt we all be happy at work? Yes work is called work for a reason but what good is life if most of your time is spent unhappy and bored?

Did you truly lose your passion for the work, or is it something else? Are other areas of your life lacking? Do you have an issue with a boss or coworker? Sometimes its not as easy to identify what the issue is when you think you just dont care about your career focus anymore.

Here are three ways to lighten the mood and figure out if you’ve really lost that lovin’ feelin’:

Read. Take time out from your day to actually read – not just delete – feeds in your RSS reader. Do you find that you’re bored or lack enthusiasm for the content? Has your focus and interest changed? Can you find new feeds that are more interesting? Start to think about what content would make you happy or that you’re excited to read more about.

Write. Cant stand the thought of blogging again? Why not write about it? If thats not suitable, journaling is always a great habit to pick up. Doing a free writing experiment – never lifting your pen from the page and continuously writing for 10 minutes or more – can be a great way to unearth whats blocking or bothering you.

Look. At other jobs. At career changes. At friends who love their jobs. At degrees. At your working relationships. AT your attitude. Maybe what you need is a sea change or perhaps just a new outlet. It could be as simple as finding a new hobby or getting out frustration via exercise. Whatever it may be, being proactive rather than wallowing in complacency will always make you feel better, because you are taking action.

What do you do when you feel passion lacking at work? Have you found ways to pick it up again or have you jumped ship?


One thought on “On Losing Your Passion

  1. It’s funny – I thought I lost my passion in my last position. But I realized when looked, really looked, it wasn’t the job at all – it was my location. I think in the looking too, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith and try something different. I never thought I would be where I am now, and yet I’m learning so much. Great thoughts and ideas here.

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