Why Lady Gaga Matters

Everyone has an opinion, but for those who love her the reasons are many: shes different, shes hot, her music is danceable, etc, etc. But when it comes to marketing professionals, the reasons are important lessons we all could learn from.

Viral Visual Marketing. By now we’ve all heard about how Ms. Gaga was one of the top searches via Google for 2009. And why? Because of her outrageous get ups. People want to see what she wore at whatever event just happened. And they want to compare and share, giggle and drool. No matter if its for better or for worse, people were interested. In the entertainment industry, thats currency.

Mix Trusted with Not Yet Tested. Whether its working remixes with Beyonce or Flo Rida or reviving 80’s pop synth beats, Lady knows how to use what works. Instead of staying on the safe side, she mixes the trusted with the strange: outfits made of bubbles, vocal usage along the lines of Marilyn Manson and Lil Wayne. Its this creativity that keeps us interested and entertained.

Ugly Can Be Beautiful. Just because its not like what you and I are used to, that doesnt make it less artful. Shes been criticized for wearing odd outfits and makeup when shes ‘such a pretty girl’, but thats what makes her unique. Gaga does not have to resort to an ass wiggle or a boob pop: but when she does, its for a much different effect. The oddity and juxtapositions are what makes us uncomfortable but are the cornerstones of her schtick.

Do Different Proud, Not Meek. One thing we can all learn is how to do something full out. If you’re going to be different, then, gosh darn it, do it balls to the wall. To do it half assed just takes away from doing it at all. It falls short of its intended purpose. Stand behind your bubble outfit or burning your lover and your bed with your bra that fires sparks. Dont talk about it or the why of it all. Just create. Just do.

How are you doing things differently? Is your creativity bound by something, and if so, why?


3 thoughts on “Why Lady Gaga Matters

  1. These are all good points, Jess. I’m not sure I agree that Lady Gaga’s success was largely viral. I suspect she’s the product of the music/entertainment industry, much as Cyndi Lauper was in my day. The paparazzi are complicit with the entertainment industry in creating “viral” sensations of the prefabricated outrageous. But hey, that’s show biz. And higher ed marketing could really take some lessons.

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