Will Social Media Save Conan?

Well, it looks as though Twitter definitely has Conan’s back. Mashable highlights the sentiment after Conan submits his letter to NBC letting them know that he wont just roll over for Leno.Add to this the several ‘Save Conan’ type pages and groups that have sprung up on Facebook and you start to wonder what this sentiment can actually do.

H&M had a similar issue recently regarding trashing unsold clothes. Consumers were outraged. But will they actually boycott? Hard to say when such trendy clothes are so cheap. Especially in this economy.

And what about those who say they’ll leave Facebook if they dont *insert complaint here*? Have they actually left? No. Does social media really have the power to change the big things or does it just produce a blip of bad press? Sure it spreads news faster than most traditional outlets, but without consumer action it becomes more hot air.

Will we work to save Conan? Will we boycott other NBC shows to dip ratings? Or will we let a 20 year old American staple slip away.


One thought on “Will Social Media Save Conan?

  1. Same for Haiti — how many people retweet the Red Cross without actually donating?

    With a lot of these feel-good RTs and Facebook movements, it’s a matter of whether people view it as a call to action/opportunity to engage or another notch on their scanning/browsing belt. It’s so easy to fan or retweet something, but how often do people pay mind to the substance of the content and dig deeper? You can look at Twitter or FB and see what looks like an overwhelming groundswell of support for an individual or cause, but social media can be deceiving that way.

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