Viral Marketing: What We Can Learn From Furniture Sales

Viral Marketing, what we can learn from furniture salesThat’s right: furniture sales. Think about it. You can buy furniture anywhere: department stores, big box stores, name brand stores, heck, even your local CVS or Walgreens has some form of furniture for the desperate college student or single gal. Then, there’s the furniture store. You have to trek to them, spend the day there, do research, measure, plan, etc. Furniture sales people have a lot of competition!

Obviously, this is why we see so many ‘crazy’ types of commercials. These may help to differentiate them between other less colorful vendors, but, I wonder if it affords them less brand credibility in the long run. Is there a way for them to differentiate yet still maintain credibility in a competitive environment?

Enter Jordan’s furniture. They’ve done an excellent job in knowing their audience. Rather than produce poor quality commercials that showcase some ‘crazy’ deals or a concocted zany personality, they focus on an easy ‘get’: Red Sox fans. Their most recent campaign is around any Red Sox player hitting the baseball on the Jordan’s Furniture signage in Fenway Park. Not only does it connect their store to a New England tradition, but it keeps the consumer engaged through the length of the entire season.

How can you do that? What’s your ‘get’?


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