How Much is Too Much?

Recently, I began a Social Media Street team at our University. The theory behind this being: a) who knows the university and experiences it like students?, b) who better to attend events to ‘cover’ them from a student perspective?, c) why not create a work-study job that actually caters to creativity and involvement on campus?

I found a variety of students to create content that showcases their experience: at Suffolk, in classes, as part of student involvement and in Boston. Students are to create something with photography, a blog, video or whatever else they can come up with. This will be fed into our social media networks and possibly, the university website.

As I chose students, I began to wonder, how much content is too much? Will we have too much? I’ve seen blogs become overkill on other sites and feared that happening with ours.

As we continue to try to manage student created content, how do we determine how much is too much and how much is the right balance? How have you managed student created content?


One thought on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. This is interesting. My office, University Relations at the University of Michigan-Flint started Content Street Teams this summer in an effort to stay on top of content and highlighted campus stories.

    We have a process for how often we post to a variety of our social networks (Facebook, blogs, Twitter, UM-Flint news site, YouTube). We also have daily short content meetings to discuss possible stories and campus happenings for the week.

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