Pumped for NYC Google Analytics Seminar

Still trying to learn Google Analytics, I’ve been lusting after the Google Analytics Seminar by LunaMetrics. Finally, I’ve received approval to attend this December in NYC! Whoo hoo! :)

My working knowledge of GA is simple at best, although I’ve been able to use segmentation to find tid bits of useful info for the powers that be. Not being a code monkey, I’ve found it frustrating not being able to implement things that I know the program is capable of. Even more so when those who are cannot see the value in helping me to implement it. Three days of education – I hope – should rectify that. :)

Sadly, I’m excited to learn more about tagging, reg ex, coding and implementing campaign tracking. Although no one has requested such, as practitioners, I know its our job to be well versed in the analytics world and sell that knowledge at the appropriate time to the appropriate internal constituents.

How do you keep your analytics education up? How often do you seek out opportunities to learn?


One thought on “Pumped for NYC Google Analytics Seminar

  1. I do a lot of my education through reading other’s blogs and pick it up from my coworkers. Both have taken a GA course and say it was a great experience. I have been picking up bits and pieces from them. Enjoy the class and NYC!

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