Prioritizing US Hispanic Outreach for Higher Education

More and more we tend to focus on reaching out to international students. For one, they are a much larger population, with many seeking to go abroad for their higher learning experience. Add to that the fact that many, if not most, pay full tuition, making them a highly coveted market for most institutions. But as we move forward in trying to attract more of this demographic, are we missing the larger, closer, more meaningful market of US Hispanic students?

According to the Pew Hispanic Center’s recently released research, Hispanic college enrollment has jumped 24% between 2009 to 2010. Further, this demographic accounted for 15% of the overall enrollment of college students in the US. With such an audience growing in America, shouldn’t our focus be instead on reaching this demographic?

It is understood that colleges need to make a profit and that international students aid in that effort by paying full price tuition. Many Hispanic families in this population boom will be needing assistance from schools and the federal government to obtain a college degree.

Between 1990 and 2000, the Hispanic population in 20 states grew by more than 100%, according to the Center for Public Education. The US Census Bureau also projects that this population will grow from 12.6% (2000) to 24.4% (2050): almost doubling in size. These will be the future of the American economy, the skilled workers who keep our country growing.

Will we leave them behind in favor of educating those overseas who will be doing our skilled trades for us in other countries?


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