This Pup’s For You: How The Puppy Bowl is Really Winning

ImageWhile most of America (well, not Giants or Patriots fans) are getting ready for Superbowl Sunday, a few pups are getting ready for their own major debut. The beloved Puppy Bowl takes place this Sunday, complete with a Kitty Halftime Show.

What sounds like a simple, funny alternative for those who are not football enthusiasts is so much more. Now in its ninth year, the Puppy Bowl showcases shelter pups via a partnership with a variety of shelters and care providers.

Ratings have continued to grow annually, as have tweets and the cast of animal characters. Social media has become an increasing factor, with the creation of a Facebook page (currently at 82K), a live cam (a personal fave), a growing volume of Tweets, tons of video content, and now, commentary via Twitter by a Bird.

What a fun, creative way to help dogs find homes. Its easy for these pups to capitalize on cuteness, raising awareness of the variety of sheltered dogs looking for their forever home.

How can we all capitalize on being more creative around seasonal, annual events that we may not be thinking of? In what ways can we pull at heartstrings, emotions and simple daily pleasures or routines that our brands can benefit from?


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