If you’re like me, this week’s episode of Mr. Robot was a phenomenal flashback to the TV of your youth. Specifically, the TGIF tone of ‘Step by Step’, ‘Full House’ and ‘Family Matters’. Color me extra giddy when the special guest star showed up.

It got me thinking about how we used to create websites and pages—and what we thought were best practices in our web strategy—which now have become embarrassing nuisances. Many of these may lead to people exiting early, not completing actions (conversions) or even making your brand appear out of touch with current web trends.

In this respect, here’s five retro web experiences that should retire for good:

Flashy Intros. Yes. They do still exist. Usually, unfortunately, on agency sites. Even though they may appear to be ‘cool’ all they really do is make your user angry. If I have to sit through something that takes time away from the reason I’m on your site there’s a good chance I’ll give up and never come back.

Unresponsive Sites. You’ve finally found the content you’ve been searching for and you can’t read it because the site is not optimized for mobile or worse displays poorly on your lap or desktop. It’s a simple fix that goes a long way for user experience and should be standard practice now for all those with a web presence.

‘Welcome to Our Website!’ No commentary needed. :)

Static Navigation on a Scrolling Page. Don’t get me wrong: static navs have their place. But if you’re going to have long form content, users need a way to navigate elsewhere. The easier we can make it for them to find what they need, the more value our site holds for them. This is what we should be focusing on instead of our own ease of organization. Content is to be used, not only categorized!

‘Click Here.’ Yet another practice that hurts us so much! Not only do we do ourselves no SEO favors, but it appears antiquated and even lazy. A little thoughtful content creation goes a long way in helping lead users down the path to completing transactions.

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