I’m finding that there’s a disconnect among people regarding marketing being equally as involved in on the ground and in the air type work. Most seem to think marketing ends where ground campaigns begin, but I beg to differ.

This idea stems from the concern that traditional marketing has been notorious for being a push medium. The ‘new’ marketing is all about pull – being an active participant in the trenches with your consumer/client. Social marketing has always been about this: understanding your target market and finding a creative way to change their behavior (or solve their problem). Funny how traditional marketing is just now beginning to play the game this way. To them I say, welcome to the team.

For those non profits who think marketing is not for them think about how you do your outreach. You have a problem to solve whether its getting parents to show up for a parent night or finding out how to reach your rural populations. These are problems that social marketers can help you solve – and better yet, show you how to find out the solution so that you may do so on your own in the future.

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  1. Excellent article! Just in time to introduce traditional marketers to the new social marketing world.

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