I know. I know. It’s a seemingly uncharacteristic collision of my worlds: my New York Giants and overall NFL fanaticism, and my work life. Stay with me here…

Every Sunday  momentum is what ultimately swings the game. Sure, offensive and defensive linemen, QB  and running back stats do have a huge determining factor in the outcome, but there’s a reason ‘any given Sunday’ is true.

Its about the heart and the belief put into the effort. The ability to not give up and to stand the line on 3rd down and inches. Its about taking chances and making plays. Its the underdog doing the impossible. Its about the team mentality to take on a challenge. If the momentum is not there, or it gets put into the hands of the opposing team, you need to get it back or else you’re toast. Its about staying clear mentally and acting as if every down is another chance.

Shouldn’t we be putting that kind of effort into the most effective marketing tool we have? If we let the momentum swing to our competition, we run the risk of getting down on ourselves and giving up on new ideas. Of not making progress by way of bureaucracy and negativity. Why don’t we listen to the voices of our teammates who can see the impossible becoming possible? Instead of running the same old plays over and over again and wondering why we cant get anywhere, why don’t we work together on something new? Why don’t we change our lineups or coaches?

I don’t know about you but, if I’m putting in the effort to do the workouts, I want to put a ring on my finger, not just show up for practice.

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  1. Wow. This is such a nice break from the bureaucratic, “but, we’ve always done it this way” mentality of higher ed. I hope more and more people like you join this industry.

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